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Craftsmanship and design with an eye for detail

Company Message

About Us

We are a small residential construction company primarily focused on high end renovation well as small additions, design work, landscaping and various home services. We are located in Ithaca, NY but have also worked on projects in Miami, Manhattan, The Garden District in New Orleans, Squam Lake, NH and Asheville, NC. We strive to give clients a high level of satisfaction via an organic symbiotic process coupled with attention to good design and good craftsmanship. We take pride in helping clients transform their living spaces into homes that fit their needs and desires. We are not the quick cheap guys. We are the ones you go to when you want craftsmanship, eye for design/detail and someone who is willing to try hard to get where you are coming from and give you what you want and need.


171 Calkins Rd

Ithaca, NY 14850